Revamp or Redesign: Which Is the Perfect Makeover For Your Atlanta Home?

Which Is the Perfect Makeover For Your Atlanta Home?

Whether you’re considering placing your Atlanta home on the market or simply want to add some flair, two exciting options might be floating around your head: remodel and renovate. You’ve probably heard these terms tossed around in the world of interior design, construction, and real estate. If you are feeling a bit puzzled about which one suits your Atlanta home best – we’ve got your back!

We’ll break down the mystery for you and help you understand the real difference between remodeling and renovation.

What Distinguishes A Remodel From A Renovation?

The primary distinction is the extent to which the current structure has been altered. An existing structure is modernized through aesthetic improvements in a renovation, whereas a residence is changed through construction and destruction in a remodeling project.

Better ROI Is Achieved Through Renovations

When homeowners feel it’s time to sell a house fast in Atlanta, GA, they can expect a better return on investment on renovation projects than they will on remodeling projects because renovations entail maintaining and modernizing a home’s fundamental components. Even if you spend a lot of money updating your home and adding a spacious three-season area to the back, potential buyers may still go elsewhere if your roof leaks and your furnace breaks out.

Remodeling Is A More Effective Solution To Bad Design

Renovations won’t fix issues where you have to pass through one bedroom to get to another or when the water connections to your kitchen sink are installed in an exterior wall and freeze every winter. In cases where a home is badly designed, remodeling is frequently the only choice. Older homes are more likely to have subpar architecture because strict building codes weren’t the norm.

How Do I Decide Between A Remodel And A Renovation?

It’s crucial to take your home’s ultimate goals into account when determining if either sort of project is ideal for you. Are you trying to bring it closer to your preferred aesthetics or break it free of the time warp that the 1980s seem to have trapped it in? Get to remodeling. Want to include a guest room for visiting in-laws or a seclusion area for newly-minted teenagers to hang out with friends? You could like to remodel.

What Are The Best Ways To Sell My House Quickly?

While deciding whether to remodel or renovate your home, remember to consider other possibilities, such as selling your home or purchasing a new one. If you feel that the expense, labor, or emotional strain will be too much for you to bear, selling your property in as-is condition to one of the reliable cash home buyers in Atlanta, GA, can be the best option. While traditional realtors could advise on how to spruce up your home, the quickness and ease of a cash home buyer can transport you to your preferred location with unmatched ease. With a cash home buyer, you can unlock your home’s potential quickly. So, when you’re thinking about the perfect renovation for your Atlanta house, consider the perks of working with a cash home buyer. They can make your dreams a reality!

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